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Adapting to a new media landscape can be a challenge, so New Canadian Media is here to help. On this page you will find a variety of learning resources for the immigrant journalist to not only hone your craft, but to better understand ways to connect with others who have travelled personally and professionally in similar footsteps. We consider New Canadian Media to be a collective, and we’re pleased to have you here with us as we strive to provide a platform for the news and views of the one-fifth of Canadians who are immigrants.


yaldaz-sadakovaYaldaz Sadakova: “What Makes Canadian Journalism Different”
(PPT format) (PDF format)


idil mussaIdil Mussa: “From Pitch to Publish”
(PPT format) (PDF format)


Amira ElghawabyGuide for Mentors and Mentees – Amira Elghawaby (Toronto Star)
(PDF format)


“Giving Voice to the Voiceless”

“What Makes Canadian Journalism Different?”

“Moving The Needle Through Commentary”

“The Importance of the Immigrant Voice in Journalism”