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What to Watch Black History Month Edition

What to Watch: Black History Month Edition

This Black History Month consider watching Kuljeet Kaila’s recommendation of 5 iconic stories that showcase the issues and the people that are part of the fight for equality.

Kuljeet Kaila shares the top 5 most influential movies to watch during Black History Month. Stories that have shaped history and the struggles faced in times of racism. From activism to inside the lives of those most impacted during the civil rights movement.

About the author

Canadian based journalist with extensive experience in everything from entertainment to breaking news, consumer affairs and covering world events. As an actress, Kaila has been in comedy pilots, produced content and been the voice of documentaries. Kaila has also lived and worked in LA and New York as a movie promotions agent. Being able to watch a production go from an idea to the big screen allowed Kaila to learn about all aspects of what makes something worthy of watching.

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