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Renew Collective Membership! Receive a FREE NCM Tote Bag & ID Card.

It’s time to renew your NCM membership to continue expanding and exploring new horizons. (new members – click here)

To thank you for our fantastic growth, we are shipping you an attractive NCM TOTE BAG and Press ID Card, FREE, right to your doorstep when you renew your membership. The FREE gifts are offered to welcome new sign ups too, so please reach out to your writer friends to join us.

Key NCM Collective Member Benefits

As a valuable new NCM Collective member, you have access to several benefits:

  1. $100 Minimum Fee for Each Contribution: You get the first opportunity to be assigned stories for NCM and receive a minimum payment of $100 for each contribution.
  2. Create Content for Other News Media Platforms: You can produce content for other media platforms that are part of a reciprocal agreement with New Canadian Media.
  3. Professional Development Seminars: Enjoy online and in-person professional development seminars and events to help you stay up-to-date with issues such as learning the Canadian Press style, social media strategies, ethical considerations, fact-checking and more, to develop a strong journalistic voice.
  4. Networking with Established Journalists: NCM organizes exciting workshops and events that help you connect with industry leaders, fellow journalists and news outlets across the country.

Upgrade to the NCM-CAJ membership ($50)

If you’re looking to be a part of a larger network of journalists from across Canada, we request you to upgrade to our NCM-CAJ Collective that also allows you access to a roster of other perks and privileges.

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