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What is the New Canadian Media Collective?

The New Canadian Media Collective is a collective of high-calibre journalists who can generate local content from a variety of ethnocultural perspectives. Members of the Collective work in all fields of journalism including print, broadcast and digital media.

Below is our map of collective members. It includes individual writers, in every region of Canada:

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Meet some Collective members and learn why New Canadian Media is important to them.


Who can join?

We welcome you to consider joining our Collective if you are a journalist residing in Canada, or a Canadian citizen/permanent resident living overseas who is:

    • A first or second-generation Canadian
    • A new immigrant
    • Part of a diaspora community in Canada
    • Somebody with a strong interest in immigrant issues

You may be an established journalist, just breaking into the Canadian media market, or even a student of journalism. Membership is FREE until March 31, 2020.


How you will benefit from being part of the Collective
  • First opportunity to be assigned stories for New Canadian Media. Collective members receive $100 for each contribution to NCM’s online content. Payments are made MONTHLY via e-transfer and do not require the filing of an invoice.
  • Opportunity to write or produce content for other media platforms that are part of a reciprocal agreement with New Canadian Media.
  • Access to no-cost, pre-publication ethics support, dispute resolution services and public editor services through the National NewsMedia Council.
  • Automatic associate membership with the Canadian Association of Journalists.
  • Online and in-person professional development seminars and events to help you hone your journalism skills and keep up-to-date with issues such as social media ethics, respecting individual privacy and the rights of reporters.
  • Networking opportunities to connect with freelance journalists, editors and news outlets across the country.
Why be part of the Collective?

As a Collective, we are stronger and more credible in our calls to address the diversity deficit in Canadian media. Being part of a Collective also helps us to access funding sources to support ethnocultural journalism. We need your support to help build a more diverse and inclusive media industry in Canada.

Join the Collective today and be part of this exciting movement to bring more voices to Canadian media. Please fill out the form below.