Photo Essay: Portraits of Ahmadi Canadians

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  by Nariman Ansari in Toronto, Ontario

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Canada is currently holding its annual convention (Aug 28-30) in Mississauga, Ontario. 

The community established itself in Canada a half-century ago and currently stands at about 25,000 strong. They mainly hail from South Asia and Africa and many arrived as refugees because they are often persecuted for their beliefs, including in self-described Islamic nations.

For instance, in Pakistan, they were declared “non-Muslim” in the 1970s and later barred from referring to their places of worship as “mosques”.

Canada has offered them refuge and they have begun new lives here. New Canadian Media mentee Nariman Ansari spent the last few months profiling this rather private community in and around Toronto.

Editor’s Note: Some of the quotes have been condensed and paraphrased for clarity and length. 

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