Ethnic media in the spotlight at Toronto event

TORONTO – National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada NEPMCC organized a reception and presentation of the Report on Canada’s Community-based Ethnic Language Media and 2012 Annual Awards. NEPMCC gathers 660 print and over 150 radio and television ethnic media.

 “Canada’s ethnic press and media perform a unique function within mass media,” remarked Thomas S. Saras, the President and CEO of the NEPMCC in his introductory speech. He added that 6,4 million Canadians are communicating at home in their mother tongue that is not English or French. Today, when the mainstream media is concentrated, ethnic media play important role of providing diverse source of information and helping newcomers to become full-fledged Canadian citizens, willing and able to contribute their talents and abilities for the benefit of all Canadians. Mr Saras pointed at the discrepancy between this increasingly important role the immigrant media play in Canada, and the financial support they get from the government.

Federal and Provincial Government Officials, including Margaret Best, Minister of Consumer Services of the Ontario Government; Kathleen Wynne, provincial Liberal Party Candidate; Jeff Trinh, Senior regional Advisor for Multiculturalism; representatives of the City of Toronto, Seneca College and other distinguished members of the community shared their remarks about the importance of ethnic media, their contribution to multiculturalism and core values of the Canadian society.

The NEPMCC traditional plaques for the distinguished services to communities, achievements in journalism, free expression, and quality content were presented to 35 individuals and representatives of Canadian ethnic media.


A report titled “Canada’s Ethnic Press and Media: fostering dialogue, forging the engagement and integration of new Canadians, uniting our communities in Canada’s diversity and multiculturalism responsibility 2012” was released.  


The report, prepared by Professor Dr. Gabriel A. Huston of Seneca College, is based on the results of the surveys among NEPMCC members. It defines the ethnic (third language) media and their role in Canadian society and identifies obstacles for their development.


The report identifies two categories of ethnic media: Small to medium enterprises, which comprise a majority of Canadian immigrant media, and large media enterprises, which are mostly commercial and transactional in their mission, structure and outlook. Together, these two categories effectively reach Canada’s ethnic communities.


The predominant organizational model for the majority of participants in the survey is as “independent owner/operator.” For many NEPMCC members journalism is only a part-time job and they face unstable financial situation. That is an additional challenge to their organizations and economic survival both at work and at home.

Another observation is that small to medium size ethnic media operators encounter difficulty in attracting and retaining skilled staff, necessary to build team presence and to compete for necessary advertising income. Fear of risk-taking, due to financial uncertainty and limitations is a common barrier to growth and diversification of the third language media.

Creativity, invention and new leadership opportunities are limited because of staff retention issues.


In the report’s conclusion critical areas of need to foster third language community based media are:


·         Canadian media industry-wide discussion, collaboration and synergy with Canada’s community based third language media industry;

·         Increased public sector interface and Government support;

·         An array of professional skills development, research tools and strategic management assistance for the third media industry and

·         Identification of and equal access to innovative products, markets and partnership  opportunities for sustainability and sustained growth


The awards recipients

Category: Distinguished Services

Mr. Andrusevic, Rob

Civil Service/Communications

Ms. Athan Mylonas, Nancy

Culture/Performing Arts

Mr. Forde, Keith

Life Time Achievements

Dr. Huston Gabriel


Dr. Lamba, Bikram

Humanities/Free Speech

Mr. Manziaris, Theodor Peter


Category: Individuals


Mr. Budancir, Haci

Community/Social Justice

Ms. David, Meleni

Social Services/Culture

Mr. Nguyen, Paul


Sup. Rouse, Robertson

Community/Public Service

Category: Journalists

Mr. Ahmed, Arif, Bangladeshi

For his dedication and work in the service of his community

Mr. Gordon, Fitzroy, Caribbean Radio

For his determination to create a special radio station for the Caribbean community

Mr. Ter-Haroutunian, Ara, Armenian Community

For his exceptional talent in the graphic arts and the visual presentation

Mr. Blagoja Bob Ristic, director and producer of TV program

For his dedication and efforts to inform, educate and entertain the Serbian Community

MR. Asimakopoulos, Tony, Director, Cinematographer

For his dedications and efforts to promote the life of the new emigrants

Category: Newspapers

Special Recognition for Long and Distinguish Service

Mr. Grewal, Jagadis, Publisher, The Canadian Panjabi Post Daily -35 years

Mr. Panko, Lesia, Managing Editor, The New Pathway, Ukrainian – 83 years

Ms. Tazzi, Giovanna, Managing Editor, Lo Specchio, Italian – 28 years

Category: Newspapers

Mr. Berhane, Aaron, Publisher, Meftih, Eritrean

Dr. Bonikovska, Margaret P. Ph. D Publisher GazeteGaazeta, Polish

Ms. Donan, Susana, Publisher, El Centro Americano Spanish

Ms. Cu Cindy Publisher, The Epoch Times  Chinese

Mr. Kawaguchi, Scott Managing Editor, Nikkei Voice Japanese

Mr. Mintu, Shahidul Islam Editor-In-Chief The Weekly Bengali Times, Bengali

Mr. Taghavi, Moshen, Editor-In-Chief, Salam Toronto Weekly, Iranian

Mr. Tiwari, Rokes, President/Publisher, Hindi Times, Hindi

Category: Magazines

Mr Asafar, Husam Publisher Assaha Magazine, Arabic

Mr. Melo, Isa Editor in Chief, etc@tal Magazine Brazilian

Ms. Wesso-Ramirez, Zulima, Editor in Chief KIDDO Monthly Magazine, Latin

Montreal Papers

Mr. Paul C. Walter Publisher/Editor Das Echo German

Mr. Guzmas, George Managing editor The News Greek

Mr. Rahimian, Mohammad, Editor in Chief, Pivand of Montreal, Persian

West Canada Vancouver

Mr. Combow, Vinnie, General Manager, The Info-Canadian Voice, Hindi

Mr. Kwon, Minsoo, Editor in Chief Vanchosun Korean

Mr. Vultaggio, Rino Publisher/Editor Il Marco Polo Italian