Write For Us - New Canadian Media

New Canadian Media welcomes submissions from journalists across Canada and Canadians living overseas. We specifically encourage and privilege “new voices” – voices that are rarely heard in Canadian discourse, including journalism students, new immigrants and other media professionals who are unable to publish their work elsewhere.

All of our content falls under two broad themes:

  1. An immigrant perspective on Canadian current affairs and international relations
  2. Topics/issues that are of particular interest to new Canadians

We are specifically looking for writers who can read foreign languages and produce digests from various locations in Canada, summarizing/curating content from ethnic publications.

Members of NCM’s Collective will have first rights to assignments.

Mentorship Program

    1. New Canadian Media is pleased to offer journalists, writers and creative content producers from immigrant communities the opportunity to enroll in our pioneering mentorship program.

This program is designed to offer one-on-one training with high-calibre journalists who are part of NCM’s Newsroom to help foreign-trained professionals or immigrant journalists produce content according to Canadian standards and practices.

For more information please visit our mentorship page here.

Guidelines for All Contributors

  1. The most successful pitches demonstrate familiarity with NewCanadianMedia.ca and our ethical values (read under Our Mission). You’ll have a much greater chance of success if you invest some time reviewing our site to make sure your pitch is in line with our mission. Our audience includes all Canadians, but we represent the immigrant perspective.
  2. We operate with a clear separation between news and opinion. We welcome pitches for all our sections – Policy, Politics, Health, Education, Economy and Arts & Culture, besides News and Commentary.
  3. Please ensure you follow CP Style Guide (do not use honorifics such as Mr./Ms./etc. unless Prof./Dr. are relevant to the piece).
  4. A point of view must be backed up by at least 5 identifiable sources, even if they do not want to be quoted in the story. Providing a list of sources is helpful. (Quotes should be authentic, verbatim and unedited, except for grammatical errors.)
  5. Make sure to spell out all acronyms in the first reference. Assume as little as possible. (for example, spell out NDP in the first instance: New Democratic Party). Remember, our readers include those who may have just arrived in Canada.
  6. Please insert hyperlinks to related content to provide context and further reading. Preferably, link to our own reporting/commentary. For political content, find related material on iPolitics.ca, and for general context, look up thewalrus.ca.
  7. Always suggest photographs, illustrations or videos that could accompany your story, and be sure to clearly identify the content and source of any visual material in an accompanying caption.
  8. In general, we ask that photographs be sent at 640 pixels x 434 (Medium Flickr size).
  9. Stories should ideally be 800 words and must be self-contained: each story must answer all the obvious questions and provide adequate context.
  10. We like to profile our commentators, so please attach a head shot of yourself and a short bio when submitting opinion pieces. Please make the bio relevant to the comment or opinion you are contributing.
  11. We will respond to your story idea or pitch as soon as we are able (generally, 72 hours).
  12. Send your pitches to admin@newcanadianmedia.ca
  13. We believe in participatory journalism and value your feedback. Feel free to weigh in on any aspect of the site.
  14. After submitting a story or analysis, let us know if any new developments emerge that would require a follow-up piece by either yourself or someone else from the newsroom.
  15. Copyright: The Publisher agrees that the honorarium/fee purchases Canadian online/digital rights only. All other rights are fully reserved by the Writer and must be negotiated separately.
  16. After your work is published, please send us an email and payment will be made via Interac e-Transfer (billing contact: accounts@newcanadianmedia.ca). Payment is due within 2 weeks of publication, and inquiries regarding payment should be addressed to accounts only after those 2 weeks! Our Editors do not track payments.


  1. When possible, try to film an interview using video, or create a short video story lasting 2 – 3 minutes maximum. Audio clips might also enhance a story.
  2. Raw tape is acceptable, but ideally, tape should be edited and submitted in its final form. If you are considering submitting a video/audio piece, we will connect you with the multimedia editor for further

We’d love to hear from you if you have a unique immigrant take on Canadian issues and current affairs. Please write to admin@newcanadianmedia.ca