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PULSE: Eastern Europe

Canadian media targeted at East European immigrants covered a broad array of topics over the last month, ranging from Remembrance Day events to the harassment of a teacher in Brampton via Twitter. 

Most of the East European media reported on immigration issues and immigration policy. Bulgarian Пламя (Flame and the Nový Domov(The New Homeland, Czech and Slovak newspaper ) inform readers about Ontario’s new immigration policy. In the Canadian section Estonian World Review ( reported on the Canadian Government launch of the new ePassport that will be more attractive and more secure. EWR also reported on the 2012 Citizenship Week which was marked by special citizenship ceremony commemorating the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 at the Lundy’s Lane Historical Museum in Niagara Falls.

Many of the media reflect upon the Canadian commemoration of the Remembrance Day and how this Day correlates with their homeland history and memory.  Puiu Popsescu wrote an article in the Romanian Observatorul (the Observer, on Remembrance Day and its meaning for Romanians in the context of this country’s history. In story “Pain Factor”published in Наша Канада (Our Canada, newspaper for Russian immigrants, author explains that Remembrance Day was not celebrated in the Soviet Union because it was associated with the victims of the wars and the pain and explains that Russians in Canada need to remember it in order to build better future.

East European immigrant papers devote articles to topic of beauty of language and verbal expression. Editor in chief of the Bulgarian Пламя(Flame) Viara Dimitrova, wrote about the beauty of Bulgarian language. She was inspired to write her commentary after watching video of Rafael Agilar who was born in Manila, lived in California, and teaches English language in Bulgaria, singing Bulgarian traditional song in a talent show. In the Romanian Observatorul (the Observer), Vavlila Popovici wrote a commentary about decency in appearance and in language and why vulgarity is not acceptable.

The Канадский Вестник (Canadian Courier, Russian weekly) reports on an incident in Brampton in which students of St Marguerite D’youville Secondary School made inappropriate remarks of sexual nature about their teachers on Twitter. Two students were suspended for seven days and three of them for two days. Website also reports on the case of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who was ordered out of office by Superior Court Justice in a conflict of interest case.


Many introduce successful members of their community. Пламя (Flame) presented successful Bulgarians in Canada Igranka and John Balkansky and Serbian Новине (the Newspapers  www.novine.caviolinist Aleksandar Gajic who played at the opening of the charity event organized by Canadians for Children at Health Risk. Новине (the Newspapers) also portray traditional Serbian Slava Day (Patron Saint Day). 


Russian website Наша Канада(Our Canada) provides opinions and commentaries on current topics wit h a touch of humor. In one of the commentaries, Leonid Sik wrote a satirical note “Sleep Country” about the acquittal of a man who violated a woman, because he was able to prove that he was asleep at the time of the commitment of the crime. In another text, author Victor Topaller wrote in a specific satirical style about relations of western countries with Russian president Vladimir Putin.


Ivana Bjelic Vucinic holds an MA in Journalism and Communication studies from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. In the period from 2000 until 2004, she worked at radio Politika, University radio, and gained experience in television journalism in Belgrade. In the previous five years, she worked in media development, implementing various projects to support local and regional media and strengthen media associations. She is a newcomer to Canada - she moved to Canada in July 2012.

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